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Hi everyone, my name is Chris.  I graduated from San Francisco State University with a double major in Math and Computer Science, and I am currently a Ph.D student in the Duke Mathematics department.  I am most interested in studying Algebra and Combinatorics, but I have always enjoyed programming as a hobby, and I spend much of my free time doing various programming projects.

I look forward to contributing programming articles to this blog, as well as occasional math related topics.


Hi everyone, my name is Eugene. I completed my undergraduate degree at Duke University with a double major in Mathematics and Physics, as well as a minor in Chemistry. My main interests are in applications of mathematics and physics towards understanding and manipulating biological systems. My prior research experience has been in the areas of mathematical biology, biochemistry, and biophysics. As such, my posts will generally concern topics in these fields with particular emphasis on their relation to medicine and physiology. I will also write occasionally about concepts from theoretical physics. Happy reading!

My name is Alan and I will be a contributing author to this blog. My background is in mathematics and computer science. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science from Duke University in 2011, and beginning in the fall of 2011 I will be a graduate student in the EECS department at MIT. My primary areas of interest in mathematics are combinatorics and commutative algebra, and my primary areas of interest in computer science are algorithms, complexity theory, and artificial intelligence.

My academic homepage can be found here.